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Visitmyskool is a simple to use powerful school management system that gives any school the ability to bridge the gap between parents and school administration by providing valuable information related to school and itís activities to the parents/teachers. It also makes school administration easy and effective.

It is a straightforward, robust solution with an intuitive interface that has various

Features for the school

  • Building school timetable, generate subject-wise portion plans
  • Mark student and staff attendance
  • Post exam results online
  • Publish student assignments
  • Notifying parents about school events
  • Manage staff payroll, PF
  • Library management
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Generate reports for attendance, payroll, fees collected, library

Features for the parents

  • Keeping track and be constantly notified about important school events
  • Ensure-ing student fees is paid on time
  • Reviewing attendance reports
  • View exam results online
  • Announce school activities
  • View student assignments
  • Keep parents and teachers connected
  • Timely SMS notifications and reminders

Itís an SaaS solution which allows you to completely outsource your school management activities online.

It is a pay-as-you-go all inclusive solution that includes the software, hosting, support and maintenance. With no software to install, and no additional hardware/infrastructure to purchase, your school can be up and running in matter of just a few days.


Time tracking and expense management Add projects, consultants, track the time spent both billable and non-billable. Keep track of expenses made on projects, generate invoices, time-sheets and expense reports customized for you.

Its a web based solution where a consultant would log on to a website and fill out the time spent on various projects for different clients. Also comes with an expenses tracker and makes generating reports of Proforma Invoices, Timesheets and Expenses on the fly. This is a SAAS model, comes with simple, safe and pay per use pricing plans.